Event Services Professionals Membership


Event Services Professionals, LLC (or “ESP”) is a group of event and event-related professionals in the Big Bend Region established for the purposes of networking, educating, and supporting the event industry, and serving as a leading referral hub for event customers planning all types and sizes of events.


Vision—ESP strives through education, networking, ethics, and relationships to have a unifying voice within the event industry and to provide a referral service to make planning an event more efficient and timesaving.


Mission—The mission of ESP is to support, enhance, and connect event-related professionals with event customers through networking opportunities, education, and increased commerce through marketing and a referral system.


Values—ESP’s core values reflect the mission and vision of ESP. We believe in education, networking, referral, collaboration, integrity, inclusivity, and ethics.


We believe that:

  • NETWORKING and communication between event professionals from all levels of experience will enhance our service to customers.

  • REFFERAL of fellow members, as well as referral to members from portals created and maintained by ESP, benefits every member and our customers.

  • COLLABORATION is essential for creating successful events, as well as creating amazing opportunities for ourselves, other event professionals, and for our customers.

  • INTEGRITY in all matters of communications and commerce with customers and other event professionals and vendors is crucial to the success of any leader.

  • INCLUSIVITY of all manner of customers and members defines ESP members as leaders within the event industry and fosters success within its membership.

  • ETHICS in behavior, presentation, and transactions of our companies, ourselves, and ESP is essential in maintaining the highest standards of business and membership.

ESP holds monthly socials every third Monday of each month, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm (venue varies). Meeting details are posted on the ESP Facebook page.

Interested in joining?  Download the application, below, and email the completed form to esptally@gmail.com.